Dream Immersion Habit

The concept of the “Dream Immersion Habit” is to do something every single day of your life that puts you in touch with your dream or goal.

The habit does not have to take long, it should take 10 minutes or less out of your day. It just needs to be something that subtly or intensely reminds you of your long-term dream.

My opinion is that the more intense you can make your Dream Immersion Habit, the more you will feel motivated, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be intense, you can decide what the proper level is.

One of my dreams is to buy a beach house in Hawaii some day. Although I have other dreams as well, this is a good “Keystone Dream”, since it reminds me of a big thing that I want to accomplish and also reminds me of my other goals that go along with it, such as having a wife and kids, friends and family, my health and a life of creativity to name a few.

Since this is my dream, my Daily Immersion Habit has been to watch a 5 minute clip on YouTube of the house I want to buy in Hawaii. It is an actual walk through of the house. The house is roughly $10 Million Dollars, which is obviously a big goal, but the point is that I am reminding myself every single day that I am working towards something “big”.

I am working towards something.

The idea with the “Dream Immersion Habit” is that we are directing our focus on what is important to us in our lives. We are directing our focus which really means we are redirecting our focus. In other words, we are meditating on our dream, every single day of our life.

Over and over again, day by day, we are redirecting our focus on the goals we are trying to achieve in our life. This is important for us being able to move through our life, and especially the obstacles that show up, in a forwardly progressive manner.

Another example I could do on a daily basis is add a little bit of salt to a glass of water in the morning. Not only might this have positive health benefits, but it also acts as an inner experience, an inner reminder, of ocean water, Pacific Ocean water, as in my dream of owning a beach house in Hawaii.

By doing this activity on a daily basis, I am constantly reminding myself of the future experiences I want to have, and priming my mental state to stay disciplined with the daily actions I need to take in order to make this dream a reality.

I am not attached to whether or not I actually have this house some day, but I am committed to my daily practice of progressing towards my goal.

It is this progress that brings great joy into my life. It feels good to get better at and move towards something, especially doing so consistently.

This build momentum, which puts us more and more in a mental state of being “compelled” to work towards our dreams, and have fun or find enjoyment in the process.

Ideally, the more you are in touch with your dream, the better, since you will be more compelled to stay consistent with your daily habits.

There is kind of a “Dark Side” to this exercise, but I will touch on that in another article and provide some tools to help work through difficult emotions that might come up.

I will also touch on the concept of a dream journal and self-written future experience stories in another post.

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