It is important that we stay patient, above all else, when leading ourselves in the direction of greatness. Doing too much at once can lead us to miss out on what truly matters in our lives.

The goal is not to escape our current reality as fast as we can, as much as it is to use our challenges as catalysts that give us an opportunity to reach deep inside of ourselves and overcome our circumstances.

When we think we should be part of a different “reality”, we feel pain. Often the comparisons we make to other realities, other than our current reality can cause us discomfort and make us feel a sense of hopelessness.

“I should be an executive by now!”

“I should be married by now!”

“I should be a millionaire by now!”

No you shouldn’t.

A life coach once told me this:

“Wherever you are, is exactly where you are supposed to be.” – Paul Strobl

The comparisons to other realities can hurt and we don’t need more hurt in our lives. We need to use the hurts we have to reach deep inside ourselves and build ourselves back up from where we are currently at.

When we rush, we make sloppy decisions.

The goal is not to escape our current reality as quickly as possible, the goal is the process.

We we will lose our direction from time to time, and that is okay. We get ahead of ourselves and it ends up hurting our progress, that is okay.

The goal is always to get back to the process. A little bit, each day, over and over and over again. That is all.

We simply must find our quality in the quantity. We cannot spend time worrying about being perfect with our practice. There is no time or room in our lives for perfection. What we need is more failure in our lives. We need to speed up the learning process through lots and lots of small failures.

We do not “rush” to speed up the learning process, but instead we allow ourselves to get in the habit of being comfortable with failure, and this quickly allows us to get back to the jovial attitude that we need to work on our goals each day.

The attitude we are looking for is this:

“I GET to work on my goals today.”

“I GET to exercise my body today.”

“I GET to experience life today, with all its struggles.”

We simply must embrace this concept of patience and be grateful for the journey of the process.

If we don’t, our hurts will hold us back and slow us down.

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