Visualization and Focus

We can accomplish more when we are free from distractions and are able to visualize ourselves succeeding in our mind.

When we have distractions out of the way, we are able to focus on getting the things done that matter, which is our daily practice, our daily habits of practice rather. These are the habits of practice that build our dreams, day by day.

Building in daily visualization exercise is paramount to our long-term success as dream builders. We can actually put ourselves in the most ideal state possible, right here in the present moment, by visualizing our future success right now, because it taps us into the eventual outcome of our dream building process.

We can experience confidence right now by being confident in the eventual outcome. For instance, many of us have a feeling of knowing that we have a great potential inside of us that could get extremely good at a particular endeavor if we were just able to focus and practice for long enough.

This is the inner drive that we all have, although many of us have come to a place of seriously doubting our own potential. For just about all of us however, this is an illusion. There are certainly limitations that may occur when we view the world through the lens of Newtonian Physics, but in terms of our individual potential, there is no room for doubt. We can all achieve our individual potential, that is our birth right.

The concept of Expanded Habits is a lot about refining, and visualization is another tool we can employ to refine our practice and get our entire being (mind, body, emotions, spirit) onboard with our mission. There have been several studies on the power of visualization as a complement to practice and when run against a control group, the group that visualizes along with their practice sees more progress than the group that does not. This is very impressive, but many groups of people have known this throughout history, and from many different walks of life such as spirituality, athleticism, business, and more.

It is my hunch that most of the masters throughout history have been able to visualize very well and made a habit of using this tool on a regular basis. Nicola Tesla was known to have a very powerful imagination and did a lot of visualizing for almost his whole life. As a result he was able to make unprecedented innovative strides with his inventions and progressed into major breakthroughs for his field, many of which were not recognized or utilized until years after his death. The same can be said about Albert Einstein, he spent a lot of time using a technique called Image Streaming.

Our imagination is one of our greatest assets. It is a powerful force that can have a major impact on our goals. Many spiritual practices believe that our imagination is essentially a sort of communication with the divine. When we visualize the outcomes we desire, we are essentially praying for that outcome. We can use our imagination to improve our state of mind and to effect future outcomes.

In golf for example, the best golfers often have been found to visualize very well. Before each shot, they would picture the exact shot they are attempting to hit. If you or I were to go and do this as novices, we would not notice the effect as much, but as professionals, they have been practicing the pattern of visualizing the shot, then hitting that shot, over and over again. At some point, with all that practice in reality and all of that future expectation placed out into the universe (in the form of a vision), there is a compromise that occurs.

This compromise results in betterment of the actual shots hit in reality. The more this is done, over and over again, the better the golfer can get.

The technique of visualization is obviously not just limited to scientists and golfers. We can use this for our Dream Habits. Whatever habits of practice we are building, we can visualize our ideal outcome for each repetition in our mind. The more vivid we can make this image over time, the better. The more we can incorporate all of our senses, the better.

The goal is to immerse and focus our mind on the ideal outcome through a visualization and then to actually follow the visualization with a repetition or set of repetitions or an entire practice session. Then, we repeat this process over and over again. Over time, we will become close and closer to our dreams.

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