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To Busy ‘DH’ing to ‘DH’

All 2 of you readers know that I obviously stopped writing on here for a while, but for good reason. I took some advice from my meditation and spiritual mentor to “commit myself to something that I really want.” I chose golf and I… Continue Reading “To Busy ‘DH’ing to ‘DH’”


Lets talk about getting more work done without burning ourselves out. Cranking is a helpful tool in the form of a mindset that we can use to “turn on” our ability to be very productive when it is time to get work done. We… Continue Reading “Cranking”

Cat Herding and the Need for Structure

If you are anything like me, you wake up each morning in a different mood. I would argue that this is basically the same as waking up as a completely different person, each day. Who you are today is in many ways completely different… Continue Reading “Cat Herding and the Need for Structure”

Visualization and Focus

We can accomplish more when we are free from distractions and are able to visualize ourselves succeeding in our mind. When we have distractions out of the way, we are able to focus on getting the things done that matter, which is our daily… Continue Reading “Visualization and Focus”

Life is a Game of Skills

We can enhance the quality of our lives by enhancing our skills. Developing a skill is only a matter of practice and we can build practice into our lives through our daily habits. We start by breaking down the macro skill into its micro… Continue Reading “Life is a Game of Skills”


It is important that we understand the concept of Flow during our journey of building Dream Habits. Flow is a term coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. The concept describes the state of mind we go into when our current challenge is “just outside” of our… Continue Reading “Flow”

Expanded Habits

The Expanded Habit concept is simple. You first determine what goal, dream or identity you want to take on in your life. Then you commit yourself to developing a simple foundational habit over the next 30 days that you can then expand upon and… Continue Reading “Expanded Habits”

The Power of Small Wins

Big wins are very nice, but they are often unrealistic and our dependence on them can often lead us down paths that guarantee failure. Failure is good, but not guaranteed failure. We do not want to set ourselves up so that every time we… Continue Reading “The Power of Small Wins”

Slowing Down to Get Ahead

I had a tough time getting good grades in school. It wasn’t until college that I started to do a lot better and got A’s and B’s. Although there were many factors for this, I know that there was one factor that really stood… Continue Reading “Slowing Down to Get Ahead”


The goal of practice is not to do your best work ever. The goal of practice is really just to “get started”. Every single day, we must “restart” our practice from our current level of skill, building upon all the practice sessions we have… Continue Reading “Momentum”